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Today, I

  • made substantial progress on that thing I’m writing that’s due Sunday
  • cleaned up lotso’ hairballs
  • finished The Long War, started The Hunger Games
  • walked to the library
  • went grocery shopping
  • washed the bedsheets
  • washed and vacuumed my car¹
  • cleaned the tub²

¹ Immediately after which a thunderstorm materialized out of an otherwise hot, sunny day
² Immediately after which I conked my nose on the bathroom door so hard that the hot shower I took several hours later re-started my nosebleed

But, you know, overall, I’d give it a B


Birdbath and Amaryllis, Greenwood Avenue


A couple of rounds above their heads. Just to scatter them.’
Without replying, the Admiral removed his cap, closed his eyes, and raised his lined face to the late-summer sun.
Cutler snapped ‘No? Then how the hell are we going to fulfill our mission out here? Sir.’ That last syllable was almost a snarl, and Maggie thought Cutler had to be close to insubordination — if not to breaking down altogether. ‘We cannot let these people mock is, sir. They do not understand us.’
‘Understand us, Captain?’
‘Admiral, they have never met anybody like us. Sir — you and I have served, we have been to the front line. We have taken fire, we have followed orders, and we have not yielded. And because of that these dumb people were able to raise their kids, and come out to these dumb log-cabin type of worlds, and play at being brave pioneers…’
Admiral Davidson sighed. ‘Well, the world has evidently changed around the two of us, son. In my view, the best kind of war is one that’s resolved without a shot being fired. Keep your weapon holstered, Captain.


When you become a cop, do you have to actually become familiar with the laws you’re supposed to be enforcing? It doesn’t seem like that’s the case. It seems like cop training is more like “Control the situation. If they don’t do what you tell them to, hell, you have a gun, they will eventually.”

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I need your help, dearies. I had a photo shoot this morning, and I have narrowed down the many photos taken to these four for the head shot I’ll use for auditions and stuff. I would like your opinion, please, of which one I should pick. Vote with a number 1-4, 1 being the top left, 2 next to it, 3 on the bottom left, 4 next to 3.

Thanks in advance!

So lovely. I’ll add my vote to the chorus of threes. It looks like you have a secret, and you’re not going to tell anyone no matter how much they beg. (In a good way.)


The Long Earth series is a must-read for any fan of near-future scifi, mythology exploration or well-written female characters.

There are five female characters with distinct story arcs and strengths and weaknesses and one is a lesbian and one is a black teenager and only one is anybody’s love interest.

And there are humanoid species populating alternate earths that lie on a seemingly infinite probability tree of our planet’s existence, some of whom have had contact with humans and have become greedy and ruthless, and some of whom had never met many humans until about twenty years ago, and they became docile, music-loving, highly communicative, and generous.

(I’m looking at you, weirdsociology & projectilevarmint)


My diet-policing, fat-shaming, multi-level-marketing-pushing coworker is leaving in two weeks

She got a job selling annuities, or something

Fuck yeah, Rachel, don’t let it hit you on the way out



my favorite tweet at the moment


(Oh, no, it is too late to engage in facebook consciousness-raising; bedtime is now)

(What have I done)


right??? I did not believe such a perfect creature could exist. I had such terrible misconceptions after a few majorly unpleasant histamine reactions. I was not aware that they produce varying levels of histamines! I was such a fool!